ESC-2: Programmable Electronic Seed Counter

esc-2 main


    1. Perform total counts of seed and set to count batches of seed of a pre-set number.
    2. Barcode reading capabilities. Storing and retrieving the counting information and remotely operate the ESC-2 counter on a PC
    3. Excellent user-interface friendly panel to provide easy operation.Fast, easy clean-out and provides residual seed number when changing seed
    4. Able to count at very high speed still keeping high precision.At slower speeds, the machine is very accurate. Counting speed is easy to adjust
    5. Handles a very wide range of seed sizes, from about 1mm in diameter to over 10mm

Download Operator Manual Download Installer (Nov 05, 2020)

Upgrade (Feb. 26, 2021) ESC-2 Counter H ESC-2 Laptop

Original (April 4, 2023)

Width (mm)370
Depth (mm)590
Height (mm)800
Weight in kg (boxed)51

PricingCDN $U.S $
ESC-2 (110V/60Hz) $29,214$21,640
ESC-2 (220V/50Hz)$29,947$22,183

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