ESC-3: Seed Counter


    1. Uses a linescan camera for counting.  This results in very fast, accurate counting.  In totalize mode in corn, it can count at over 200 seeds per second with less than 1% error.
    2. Careful design to minimize risk of cross-contamination.
    3. 2 chamber counting similar to the ESC-2, for rapid packet filling.
    4. Flexible programming for packet filling.  Barcode scanner can check for correct packet.  Quick, automatic cleanout at the end of each seed lot.
    5. Can fill packets from a spreadsheet (.csv format).  Barcode on the material used for filling controls which packets are filled.  Barcodes on packets can be scanned to check packets are correct.  Data can be recorded in the spreadsheet for transfer to another system.
    6. Can communicate by keyboard emulation.  A special cable can connect it to a USB port on another computer.  It will then appear to the other computer as a keyboard and can enter data on the other computer as if it were being typed on a keyboard.  Using tab and enter characters allows flexible, automated data entry on the other system.
    7. Seed sizes from less than 1mm to over 15mm.
    8. Hookup port for a dust collection system.  This can improve both the working environment and the counting performance by removing dust just before the seed is counted.

Download Latest Update: ESC3_CNTR (2023_06_16)

Length (mm)580
Depth (mm)300
Height (mm)790
Weight in kg (boxed)70

PricingCDN $U.S. $
ESC-3 (110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz)$38,425$28,463

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