LBT-2: Large Belt Thresher



  1. Careful design virtually eliminates chance of seed carry-over. "Open" concept allows operator to easily check for problems.
  2. Effectively threshes soybeans, phaselous beans, canola(rapeseed), small grains and other similar crops.
  3. Accommodates plants with widely differing seed sizes without readjustment
  4. Designed for efficient use by single operator
  5. Seed collection chute unloads instantly into envelope or bag at the push of a lever. No trays to bother with.
  6. Designed with safety in mind. Switch and motor are dustproof and upper threshing belt is spring-loaded to prevent serious injury.
  7. Aerodynamic separation of seed and straw results in exceptionally clean seed with very little loss. No screens to catch straw and cause contamination.
  8. Clearance between belts is adjustable to regulate the aggressiveness of threshing action. Because of the alternate arrangement of the belt support rollers, readjustment is seldom necessary.

DataIndoorField Electric
Length (mm)
(not including tongue)
Width (mm)10421786
Belt Width (mm)600600
Threshing Area Length (mm)720720

PricingCDN $U.S $
Electric Motor w/ Indoor Caster Wheels
Electric Motor w/ Indoor Caster Wheels
Electric Motor w/ Outdoor Field Wheels
Electric Motor w/ Outdoor Field Wheels
Gasoline Motor w/ Outdoor Field Wheels$44,146$32,701

Belt Replacement PricingCDN $U.S $
Top - Bucket Top Type$604$448
Bottom - Bucket Top Type$745$551
Top - Cleat Type$907$672
Bottom - Diamond Shape Type$945$701
Top - Chevron Type$907$672
Bottom - Chevron Type$945$701


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